Zenei kurzusok
és koncertek
hazai és külföldi tanárok részvételével.
6-99 éves növendékeket várunk.

The place


The small village is located below the Kissomlyó hill.

The official population is 256 inhabitants, but actually some two hundred people live here.
Apart from its natural sources its magic lies in the local community.

The stone mind up on the hill, which was recultivated by our community, will be introduced as one of our concert locations. In less than a year we expedited more then forty cubic meter garbage from the area. Later on a stage was built there, and from then on the mine stage with its admirable acoustics has been the main location of our events.

The Lutheran church, built in the 18th century is one of the pearls of the village, as well as the Catholic church, fundamentally built in the 13th century.

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