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Endre, Guran - Viola

Vienna (languages: Hungarian, Romanian, German)

The swiss violist Endre Guran was born in Cluj-Napoca, studied violin at the Academy in Bucharest and viola at the Academy in Munich.  He also worked intensively with Bruno Giuranna in Siena and Detmold and with the violinist Johanna Martzy in Zürich. He had engagements in the Bucharest Philharmonie as violinist, as violist in the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and as principal violist of the Tonhalle Orchestra, Zürich, for many years, as well as playing chamber music and solo in many different countries. Endre Guran taught violin in the Music Schools 1 and 2 in Bucharest and had a viola class at the Academy in Lucerne. He taught for many years at the summer Academies "Allegro Vivo" and in Sigisoara. Many of his students have engagements in European orchestras. At present he works in Vienna and in Graz.

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