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Botond, Kostyák - Double bass

Lyon, Basel, Vienna (languages: Hungarian, Romanian, German, English, French)

Born in Cluj-Napoca, and after seven years of playing the piano, he chose the double bass as his final instrument. He graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Music in the class of Ion Cheptea, but as a high school student at the age of seventeen he already played a solo concert (Koussewitsky bass competition) in his hometown. He later participated in domestic and international competitions, finishing on third place in 1981 in Markneukirchen, Germany, and he ranked second in Mittenwald. With the Mobile Bass Quartet founded by Botond, they won the Critics Award in 1988. From 1984 he strengthened the double bass section of the Brasov Philharmonic, and from 1988 of the Târgu Mureş Philharmonic, where he also performed as a soloist. From 1991 to 1993 he was the leader of the double bass section of Aarau Symphony Orchestra in Switzerland, and from 1993 to the present day Botond  leads the same in the Lyon Symphony Orchestra. During his carreer he has participated in several music festivals, including the Enescu Festival (Bucharest), the Cluj-Napoca Spring Festival, the Ernen Chamber Music Festival (Switzerland),  the Miercurea Ciuc Early Music Festival, and the Sighisoara Music Festival (Sighisoara).
Botond had been teaching at music academies in Germany, Switzerland and France, and since 2007 till present he is a double bass professor at the Vienna Academy of Music.

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