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Attila, Kostyák - Violin

Maglód (languages: Hungarian, Romanian, French)
Born in Cluj, he started his musical studies in his hometown and attained his degree  with honours at Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj. After finishing his studies he became the conductor and music director of the Northern Theatre. From 1990 he had been the I. violinist in Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra, in Debrecen for over a decade. Besides his activities in celebrated orchestras, he had been teaching for eight years at Kodály Zoltán Secondary Music School Debrecen. From 2001 he has been teaching violin at Vermesy Péter Primary School Maglód, later on he had been appointed as deputy headmaster. He makes regular concert appearances at the well-known Vermesy Festival. Besides classical music, he is a successful folk-music teacher, and performs as dance house violinist in the famous Hungarian folk orchestra, Regösök.

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